Raped Again… The True Story of David McVicker, Only Survivor of the Freeway Killer!


UPDATE:  Due to new information that is coming to light, final publication is delayed until February 23rd, 2014, the 18th Anniversary of the death of William Bonin!

Raped Again is the true story of the only victim to survive an attack of the infamous “Freeway Killer”, William Bonin, who raped and  murdered as many as 60 young men and boys between 1979 and 1980 in Southern California. David McVicker was only 14 at the time Bonin picked him up hitch-hiking, raped him anally and actually began to strangle him to death. In the midst of literally dying, however, David said he “called out to God to save him,” and Bonin–who never showed any remorse for any of his crimes–suddenly released him, drove him close to his home and let him escape alive.

Months later, David was hitch-hiking again–but this time it was because he was going to testify at Bonin’s trial. He was the only victim who could ever do so, and had no ride to the courthouse, so once again he put out his thumb.

However, that was not the end of the story, for David has since suffered terribly from nightmares and PTSD, and you can see signs of these effects in his video. During the 16 years that Bonin was on California’s Death Row, David was often vilified for his testimony, which helped to send this monster to his death. He has been abused by those who believe that his experience has left him somehow unworthy of compassion. He has been beaten, cursed, and threatened for his continuing work to see that Bonin’s accomplices, who are also doing time for the murders they participated in, do not get back to the streets, where they can harm anyone else.

One of those accomplices, James Michael Munro, is going up for parole January 28th, and David will be present to encourage the Parole Board not to release this man who has said that he will kill again if he is granted his freedom, and has even stated that he is hoping to have David killed to prevent his appearance at this hearing. we urge you to sign the Petition to Deny Parole to James Michael Munro, and help David keep this admitted killer off the streets. Munro has said that he will kill again if released, and even that he “enjoys it,” and “now knows how to get away with it!”

Despite beatings, threats and many other kinds of trauma, David has always maintained that–as two of the victims’ mothers pleaded with him to do at Bonin’s trial–it was up to him to speak up for all of the boys who did not escape, and for every victim of horrific abuse. He says this is because he knows first hand how hard it is to bear the stigma of being so treated, and that he never got the help he needed to let him recover from that barely-missed appointment with death. He prays that his story might help parents and loved ones of other victims to understand that surviving doesn’t just mean you live through it… it means you live through it over and over again.

Bonin’s story was retold in 2010, in a movie entitled “The Freeway Killer”, which can be found at http://www.hulu.com/watch/291064.

David’s book will be entitled “Raped Again, by David McVicker” and will be available before Munro’s parole hearing in late January. You can pre-order your copy now and ensure that you have it prior to that hearing.

25 thoughts on “Raped Again… The True Story of David McVicker, Only Survivor of the Freeway Killer!

    • No way should any parole be granted. This man should never be free from the prison system. I know David for many years and David has had to endure his own prison of sorts. David deserves freedom and the criminal needs to stay in prison until he rots to death in that prison cell. No freedom for a killers assistant.

    • David I want you to know that you are such an inspiration for following this through- I am disgusted with this country and how the laws do not fit many crimes- especially child rapists and killers. It is so obvious through statistics that these monsters do not change – I feel – that just one child rape is means for corporal punishment! I believe once the “ole boys” get out of the political offices – these laws will change so these monsters will fear themselves instead of us fearing them- as each will face death upon these crimes!!! God bless you sir – for your trials- I pray you find peace- you are a wonderful worthy man! An angel for the others- bless you !!!

    • I am SO sorry this happened to you! God Bless You for standing your ground, and protecting ALL children from this MONSTER! You will forever be in my prayers! GOD BLESS YOU! Lots of love, Missy

    • Thank you is not required at all because all of us are with you and pray for you everyday.

      Keep your head up and always be proud of yourself for surviving and going forward with your life and helping others through their tough time.

  1. I heard James Munro say that he would kill kids on a kabc radio show that David was on. He is a very sick man. I see the damage they have caused. I have seen David when he is having nightmares, sometimes trying to run and falling or crashing into furniture. I guess the pain never really goes away. I pray that they never let Munro out of prison. He said he was going to have David killed before he can testify at the parol hearing. God help us if he very gets out.

    • Dave,
      Great cover my friend…Glad to see your book published..your journey never ends. I remember when we met on the phone now four years ago and it was like knowing someone on a level beyond words…a bonding and amazing friendship. I want a autographed hard cover..I checked airfare R/T from ITO to LAX is almost $800 right now…wish I could jump a plane over and attend the parole hearing and kick back because I know this is some heavy triggering stuff for you…this book will be a perfect triumph over all the pitfalls of dispair..take care bro. Aloha

  2. The freeway killer stopped me from hitch hiking . I remember when this was happening everyone was talking about it. Everyone was scared. I can’t wait to read the book.

  3. David I just read and signed your petition to keep that monster in prison. I am so sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you recently. You have gone through so much because of this horrendous crime committed against you. My memories of you are of one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known. I have so much respect for what you have done and still are trying to do to get justice for those precious souls and their families. That disgusting deviant excuse of a human being deserves every possible punishments available to him within our penal system. You deserve to feel safe and protected from anymore harm than you have already suffered. My prayer is the parole board sees this man for what he truly is and keeps him where he belongs which in my opinion is way to good for the possessed demon he is. I will be buying your book in hopes it will help you in your current financial situation. You deserve to be happy and whole David and I hope in the future your are able to get the emotion and psychological help you need to have the best life possible. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Darb

  4. Our son was kidnaped and has never been the same. It’s been two years. I want to read this book and maybe I’ll know better how to help him.
    Thank you for having the courage to speak about it.

  5. I know what you are going though I have been there I was raped again @age 15 My dad brut a guy home from jail when the cops said that they could no do any thank be cause I was raped be for so they could not doing any thank about it

  6. Hard to believe there could be weirdos living out there. My son walks to school everyday. We can see the school from our house. We tell him to never talk to strangers. But he is 16, and things nothing will happen to him. I have read part of the book, and cant wait to read the whole book.

  7. I pray God will bring you complete and total healing and restoration in every area of your life as only He can. May you look to Him to find perfect peace after such a horrible tragedy. God loves you so much, the past cannot be undone but God wants to walk with you each day into your future. My prayers are sincerely with you and that you will never have to re-live that nightmare from today and onwards. I am so sorry for what you had to endure but I am proud of the courage with which you have pursued life and taken a stand for those who died and for using your own experiences to help others today. I want to encourage you to read and pray Psalm 91 over your life, personalize it. I declare that your latter end will be greater than the former. God Bless you always.

  8. This peice of Shi should not be let out of jail. He deserves to die. He doesn’t deserve to live. If he gets out what about the justice of all those families and little boys that suffered and are still suffering. And this man claims heis going to do it again? And there still thinking of letting him out. Justice needs to be served and he should receive the death penalty. People that rape and kill little boys are the biggest peices of carp in this world. They deserve to die. No jail time at all. All those poor little kids.

  9. David: Thank you for keeping this person and others like him in prison. I think you show great courage every day that you get out of bed and face the day. May God give you healing and peace. I will keep you in my prayers.

  10. What the hell is wrong with these judges. Maybe their kids will be raped by a freeway killer before they get it. Put the ancho down and do the right thing. Keep baby killers like this monster in JAIL.

  11. Seeing your story on nancy grace lastnite brought me to tears. you are brave. your not just speaking for you but for 21 other boys as well. this man shouldn’t ever even be allowed. to go before a parole board. i hope my signature will help keep him where he belongs

  12. My heart jumped out to him because what happened to was beyond horrible and he was so lucky to survive what happened to him because he was there for all the other boys who didn’t have a voice.

    If the prison system allows this animal out again to do the same thing all over again that is beyond all understanding. They had better best NOT do this and that is a fact.

    He has already threatened him and others he will kill them when he gets out so he is a very dangerous person and should never ever see the light of day and that is a fact.

    I know what he feels like to be raped and you never ever get past that no matter how many people tell you should. It is always be with you because that person took your life away at least the life you should have had and that is a fact.

    I have been trying and trying to change rape to manslaughter but nobody is interested because to me and others that have been raped the person you were before the rape is NO longer and who you become is a totally different person especially when you keep it a secret as I had to because he threatened to hurt my family if I spoke.

    I am so proud of him to be able to speak what happened to him and tell the world. He by far is a very strong person and I hope and pray everything goes well for him.

  13. iI hope and pray that these men responsible for these murders and rapes never ever see the day-light outside.and as for a signature you have mine.this is a major concern for society.a person with this magnatude of murder should be in carcerated for life.and your a very brave man for speaking the truth.keep your word out there……

  14. I was druged and screwed when I was 14-16 by a legal pedaphile predator in 1975-1977. I returned in May of 1996 to see he was doing the same abuse to more children. I began reporting him to all law enforcement in August of 1996 and they all just lied to me or did nothing about it. His friends owned 98.4% of county when he was abusing me. Nobody will stop him so I know how you feel.

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