David’s Plea

David has suffered for a long time, and if you watch his face in the video above, you’ll see clearly how emotional it was for him to sit and face a camera and tell his story.

Raped Again will help David to continue his work to help other victims of rape and abuse, and to keep killers locked away form society. BY making this book available, he hopes his story will inspire others, and perhaps even let some who abuse see just what their victims go through.

You can help David to accomplish his mission by purchasing a copy for yourself, or even additional copies to give to others who you believe need to hear what happened to him, and how it affected his life. It is a horrible tale of abuse, that’s true, but it is also one of the most inspiring stories of survival and courage you will ever read!

The book will be made available on January 21st. Pre-order your copy now and save money over the bookstore prices. Your purchase will help David continue his fight against parole for Munro and others, and make his story one that can inspire and comfort other victims for a lifetime!

14 thoughts on “David’s Plea

  1. Dave, I ordered your book and can’t wait to get it. May you find the strength you need through your loved ones and friends. You are an amazing person who continues to fight for others who cannot… Much love to you always, Candi

  2. David, I am so sorry for your pain and suffering. I suffer from PTSD as a result of a violent rape and know that effects never go away. I pray that you find some peace, and I hope that animal never sees the outside of prison. Be well.

  3. I can see his pain when he speaks. To speak about something so painful in hopes of helping others is to be commended. Most survivors are not forced to relive their night mare in media over and over again. I would think this book could help other victims and their families with their struggle in understanding the ramifications of such a violent occurrence
    I will add your book to my collection

  4. You inspire me to keep going on thru life w all it’s horrible things that have happened in this world of sickos. Thank you for staying strong and keeping them locked up. I will do whatever I can!! I’ll be buying your book. Thank you David!

  5. I do not think that the freeway killer should get out of jail. he should spend his life in there and he deserves everything that he gets.

  6. I saw you on Nancy Grace. Good luck to you. I am sorry for all that has happened to you. May God help you with your journey. I have posted your website to my Facebook page. I hope this will help get people to sign your petition. Thanks for all you have done for those who can no longer speak.

  7. So very sorry for what you are going through. I can’t believe that evil man is still alive. You should not have to worry about him getting released. I say he should be hung immediately it’s the least that can be done to help with your life long pain and suffering.

  8. My grandfather just went to prison for life, for sexually molesting my older sibling.
    My family and I suffered alot.
    No one should have to go through this.
    I hope this man, like many others, stays behind bars!


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